Still Wetting The Bed At Age 12

Still Wetting The Bed At Age 12 image

Landon is 12 and he deals with chronic bedwetting, rashes on his skin (that many doctors have tried to treat with little success) and on top of that he's got a  distended belly. 

Landon and his parents have tried changes in his diet, changing his drinks, chiropractic care and they've even tried having him wear diapers.  

After feeling like they'd tried everything, Landon's parents decided to have a nutrition consultation with our Chiropractic Therapy Assistant - Terri.

After looking through his Standard Process Systems Survey, Terri thought it sounded like Landon might have a parasite in his GI system. 

Landon's parents said in response, "My kid doesn't have a parasite". 

Terri suggested a parasite cleanse called "Wormwood Complex"- a Standard Process supplement.  They gave it a try.

Landon's pants went from size 18 to size 12.

Now Landon is able to go on sleep-overs and doesn't have to constantly bring changes of clothes with him to all of his activities.

It's been 1.5 years and Landon hasn't wet his bed since.  

Great job Terri! 

If you think you might have some holes in your diet or supplementation, take our Systems Survey Today.  Don't forget to save the file, then email it to us as an attachment (or just print it out and bring it in).

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-The Alcoa Chiropractic Center team

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PS If you can't access the Systems Survey, just ask us to take it at your next in-office appointment.

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