How to Perform the Turkish Get Up Exercise

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If you’re new to exercise or are looking to improve your strength and flexibility, then the Turkish Get Up may be the best exercise for you. It can help build balance, stability, strength, flexibility, and coordination all in one exercise that you can do from the comfort of your own home! A Turkish Get Up also helps improve shoulder and wrist health as well as core strength. So if you want to perform this exercise at home, check out our video!  

Health Benefits

  • Strengthen your shoulders, wrists, and core as well as improve balance and increase flexibility.
  • Build muscle by stimulating many of your body’s largest muscle groups. This makes it great for those who want to gain strength and size fast.
  • Reduce injuries in athletes that play sports that require quick movements like baseball or tennis.
  • You can do these exercises anywhere with only a weight
  • Improved balance and coordination

Turkish Get Up Instructions (for the Left Arm) - The Right Side Is The Exact Opposite

Lie on your back with one arm extended above your head and parallel to your body, elbow straight. Keeping that arm raised, lie in such a way that you roll over onto your left side and prop yourself up on your right elbow. You should end up lying on both elbows. Straighten out your right leg (flared out a few degrees) while keeping your left leg bent in toward you at a 90-degree angle.     Watch the video for the rest. 

How Do I Choose The Right Weight For Me?

Until you get the movement down cold, you shouldn't use a weight at all.  You should use your shoe.  Don't hold it with your finger but rather on top of your fist.  Dumbbells and kettle bells come in a wide variety of weights, sizes and colors. They also come in a range of prices. When it comes time to purchase your kettlebell you want to make sure you get one that is right for you. A weight that is too light might not give you enough resistance while one too heavy could cause injury. Start light and build up but know that as you get heavier and heavier, the benefits increase too.  


Important Chiropractor Near Me Tips

Spinal imbalances can lead to muscle fatigue, nerve pressure and lower-back pain. Chiropractors take a no-surgery approach: They believe that back pain is best treated by restoring flexibility in joints, increasing muscle strength and promoting overall physical health. If you’re not sure what to look for in a chiropractor near me, ask us.


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