Chiropractic Doesn't Work Without Good Sleep

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60% Of Americans Report Poor Sleep
Without proper sleep, we can't have proper health or proper recovery.  Without proper sleep we can't get over pain and injury and move on with our lives.  If you think you might be having innadequate sleep, tell us and we'll have you fill out our research based "Sleep Quality Assessment (PSQI) to see how you score.  If you'd like that, reply to this email.  In the mean time, here are some tips to help you improve your quality of sleep:
  • Increase bright light exposure during the day - if you have a job that keeps you in doors all day (like mine), don't forget to go outside, take a walk or just take a breath outside every now and then.


  • Reduce blue light exposure during the evening - in particular the last two hours before sleep time will help calm your mind and ease you into sleep


  • Reduce alcohol intake - it always hurts, it never helps


  • Exercise - as long as it's not at night.  Your body will be more prepared to rest and recover at night time.


  • Consider a mattress than can be variable - meaning a sleep number bed where you can change your position or firmness level, or to a mattress than has a soft side or a firm side.

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