How A Chiropractor Can Get You A Strong Core

How A Chiropractor Can Get You A Strong Core image


One of the best ways you can stay pain and injury free is to have a strong core.  

But what does that mean?

Well FIRST lets talk about what it's NOT. 

A strong core is not the ability to do a bunch of sit ups or crunches.  A strong core IS NOT the ability to hold a front plank for 10 minutes.

A strong (or stable) core is the ability to keep your spine neutral and protected while moving other parts of your body.  That means keeping a neutral spine while moving furniture, while picking up grandchildren, or while lifting trash bags or recyclables.

We want you (and ourselves) to become strong, resilient, healthy individuals that are confident to take on many tasks and activities. 

Not someone that just abstains from all stressful or strainful activities. 

So at your next visit, please ask us how you can get a strong, healthy core and we'll be happy to help you. 


-Dr. Scott Hoar

Alcoa Chiropractic Center

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