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I recently had a patient named Greg who went to bed feeling great. In the morning, he woke up with a nasty crick in his back, right underneath his shoulder blade. Now, imagine you’re Greg. You’ve gone to bed one night feeling perfectly fine, but struggle in the mornings to move freely and get on with your day. It’s not hard to put yourself in Greg’s shoes because you’ve been there before. Waking up feeling stiff and sore is so common we’ve accepted it as a part of everyday life. I know this because patients like Greg come into my clinic all the time. And they all say the same thing.


"I think I slept wrong.”


After hearing so many of my patient tell me this, I questioned whether we can do something about preventing this. I decided to start doing a little research and set out to answer one question.


“What actually makes a difference in the quality of your rest and reporting of back pain?”


I discovered that we’re often told to sleep in a certain posture.  Advice is to disregard how your body naturally wants to sleep, in favour for a position deemed “optimal” for sleep. But why is it that the “perfect posture” differs from resource to resource? One “trusted” professional says to sleep curled up like a kitten. Another expert says to sleep on your back with no pillow. What these scientists & sleep experts are missing is the most important factor in you getting a good nights sleep.


They forget about YOU!!


I found the greatest difference you can make to getting a comfortable nights sleep and waking up without back pain. Getting the right mattress for your body. How do you know what’s right for you? Your body might prefer a soft bed, or a hard bed. But how can you find out what’s best for you from 60 seconds on a mattress in a showroom?


It’s impossible.


The solution is to get a hybrid bed. I bought a Layla Hybrid and it’s been perfect for me. The Layla Hybrid has a soft side and a firm side. That’s why I was able to adjust the mattress to find what worked for me. Waking up in the morning has never been easier! It’s almost too comfortable, I just want to lay in it all day! 


The best part? If you’re not sold on the mattress in 120 nights you can return the mattress, pillow or foundation for a full refund. That’s FOUR MONTHS of sleep to decide if the mattress is right for you. You’ll love Layla as much as I do. I know this mattress

 is going to make a difference in your life. In fact, I personally reached out to Layla to get YOU a better deal.

So use my discount code ALCOACHIRO25 to get you $25 off your order!

Click here to see the Layla Hybrid Mattress  - Have a great night's sleep!  

-The Team at Alcoa Chiropractic Center

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