Pain Shouldn't Be A Lifestyle

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At Alcoa Chiropractic Center in Blount County, Tennessee we believe that pain shouldn't be a lifestyle.  Having said that we understand that life is physically demanding and sometimes we get banged up.  We try not to complain, or let it become a burden on our lives.....but sometimes it does anyway.  That's why we're here.  For you, to get out of pain and to get on with your lives.  That's why we offer the follow effective tools:


  • Chiropractic Care - Safe, clinically effective chiropractic adjustments to the full spine and extremities including shoulders, hips, knees, etc.


  • Massage Therapy - Our licensed massage therapist are trained in a diverse array of styles and techniques.  Who's your favorite therapist?


  • Electric Muscle Stimulation with Ultrasound - electric muscle stimulation can help relieve excessive tension and tone in your muscles leading to more relaxion in your tissues.


  • Corrective Exercise Rehabilitation - We train you to be able to improve how you move to not only get better quicker, you stay that way too.


  • Decompression Therapy - Decompression has been proven to be effective for people with spinal disc issues including herniations and bulges.


  • Natural Supplementation - We prefer Standard Process supplements to decrease your inflamation and provide necessary nutrients for getting and staying healhty.

Don't make pain your lifestyle, let us health you get out of pain and get on with your life. Give us a call today.  

-The Team @ Alcoa Chiropractic Center

247 East Watt Street

Alcoa, Tennessee (Part of Blounty County just outside Maryville)

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